Hydraulic Cylinders and Rotary Actuators

Hydraulics have today become an integral part of most industries including agricultural, construction and automotive industries. Industrial hydraulic presses are used in a number of industries. Right from sheet metal forming presses to industries that work with plastic and rubber where compression presses are needed, hydraulic presses are used in most of these industries. 

Consolidated Machines customize high-pressure Cylinders and Rotary Actuators. The Hydraulic Cylinders and Rotary Actuators are rated for working pressures 160 bar to 250 bar. Hydraulic cylinders offered are ISO standard 6020 with Tie-Rod / Welded construction. Common features as below:

✓ Ground and hard chrome plated shafts.

✓ Seals of renowned makes such as busak & shamban

✓ PU cup seals on the shaft, closely supported by turcite bearing

✓ Honed tubes to impart good service life to piston seals

✓ Needle valves on end caps for cushioning adjustments

✓ Provision of gland drain, especially in case of long stroke cylinders and cylinders with constant pull applications.

Common ISO Cylinders for Machine Tool Applications.

Custom Cylinders Long Stroke for Typical Lift / Lower Applications in case of Pharma Machines.

Custom Cylinders Large Bore Dia for Vertical Presses.

Cylinders coupled to LVDT for Precision Positioning for Machine Tools.

Custom Cylinders with Swivel and Anti-Rotation Arrangement typically used in Pharma Machines.

Multi-stage Telescopic Cylinders for stackers and forklifts.

Multi-stage Telescopic Cylinders used in Dumpers-like Equipment.

Rack - Pinion Rotary Actuators up to Torque 20 Kn-m. Nominal Pressure 200 Bar.

Rack - Pinion Rotary Actuators (Single rack) up to Torque 10 Kn-m. Nominal Pressure 200 Bar.

Rack - Pinion Rotary Actuators (Hollow Shaft Design).

Rack - Pinion Rotary Actuators

Rotary Actuators are custom built to suit users request. Angular displacement normally up to 360 degrees maximum. Torque as desired at nominal pressure of 200 Bar. Various mounting arrangements and coupling interface.


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