Bar Cutting Machines

Bar Cutting Machines commonly known as Bar Cutters, Rebar Cutters, Shearing machines, TMT Steel Bar Cutters, Rebar Cutting Machines, TMT Steel Cutting Machines, Rod Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Bar Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Shearers.

The Consolidated Machines (CM) line of hydraulic bar cutters are in use in India and overseas since 1997. These are Heavy-Duty Bar Cutting Machines built for onsite use by the Construction Industry, designed to perform in very tough and strenuous conditions.


The CM line of Bar cutters have proven to be the cutter of choice by hundreds of civil works contractors who can be credited with hundreds of thousands of square feet of reinforced concrete construction in India and overseas. Discerning builders of concrete structures seeking a robust, reliable, high-performing bar cutter have not hesitated to order our C-Series of bar cutters. Available in 3 sizes (32, 40 & 50) the Consolidated Machines (CM) bar cutters are amongst the prized assets of hundreds of concreting works contractors.

This line of Machines are Horizonal acting, more Preferred by site working Contractors because they are Compact, Lightweight and easily Manouverable on congested sites.

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Consolidated Machines (CM) is the ONLY company making cutters with 2 different shearing actions – horizontal (C-Series Cutters) and the Vertical (V-Series & VC-Series cutters). The V-Series and VC-Series of cutters are available in 2 sizes (32, 40).

The V-Series of cutters from Consolidated Machines (CM) have been designed keeping the requirements of operators of Rebar Cut & Bend plants. The V-Series and VC-Series of cutters have the 2 unique features – 1. EFFORTLESSLY cutting multiple numbers of rebar in a single shearing stroke  
2. SEAMLESSLY lined-up with conveyors and collecting bins to form highly PRODUCTIVE REBAR CUTTING LINES.

Therefore the V-Series and the VC-Series of Rebar cutters are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for:
✓ Concreting project sites where several sizes of rebar is required to be cut in large quantities
✓ TMT Bar Mills supplying cut-to-size steel to customers
✓ TMT Steel traders and distributors supplying end-users with cut-and-bend ready-to-use steel

For Detail Specs Download Catalogue from the link below.

Merits of Hydraulic Powered Machines

A typical mechanical drive machine is built with non-standard electric motors, a customized gear box, clutch, fly-wheel, pulleys, belts (chain) each of which are pain points when it comes to maintenance. Because of the use of non-standard components in the making of the mechanical machines, the OE supplier is typically the only source of spares and after-sales support. Breakdowns can lead to long down times, high cost of spares or may even render the machine economically unfit for repair.

WHEREAS the Consolidated Machines (CM) range of Hydraulic Drive Machines are Powered with standard brands of Electric Motors, and the common hydraulic elements are bought-out from, for example, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Yuken Hydraulics. These are Time Tested reliable robust components whose spares are easily available and at a very fair price. Breakdown repairs do not require special skills.

Without any doubt Hydraulic Powered Machines guarantee a Win-Win situation when factors of Reliability, Machine Life, Down Time, and Ease of Maintenance are taken into consideration in purchasing decision.

In the event of improper power connections the mechanical machine will work in the wrong direction of Bending thus putting the machine operator’s life in Danger. WHEREAS under a similar scenario the Hydraulic Drive Machine will simply NOT Work, thus averting a Possible Accident.

Yet another scenario when the machine operator’s life is at risk with mechanical-powered machines occurs when the Bending Table could continuously rotate in the event of a Sensor Failure. WHEREAS in Hydraulic Bending Gear, rotation is limited to just over half-a-round, thus keeping the Operator safe even in the event of the sensor failure.

Hydraulic powered Machines are compactly built and lower in weight as compared to obsolete Mechanical Drive Machines – this is a very important consideration for project owners at construction sites who may like to swiftly mobilize their assets to match site conditions.



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