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  Reinforcing Steel Bar Bending Machine - B series
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A Compact and Light weight Bar-Bending Machine wherein the Operating Height is at comfortable level. The machine is designed to Operate in either directions CW or CCW Bending. Set the desired angle and the machine will execute accurate bends. The maximum bend allowed is 180 deg, U-bend.
The Table and Tooling is suitable for 2XD Bend Inner Radius for common metric ReBar sizes.

From maintenance angle, the Electro-Hydraulics is very Basic and simple, where nominal skills can manage repairs. The system parts are standard easily available in nearby Hydraulic stores. Tooling is Hardened alloy steel
For use in Test labs and university labs, Optional features are available, such as Variable Bending Speed, Bending Torque Control/Monitor, Extra large Table, Tooling for 3D or 4D Bending.

These machines are produced in large batches, under tight Quality checks and thoroughly Tested before shipment, The machine properly installed and used with some primary care, is good for many years of Service Life. This model is available in Three variants .. B32, B40 and B50
Model Max Bar size metric * Power:  Motor Kw(HP) Machine Size (LxBxH) mm Machine Weight Kgs. Prod Capacity **    
RPM / Tons per Hr
B32 32 3.1 (4) 700x500x850 325 5 / 3 to 4
B40 40 3.8 (5) 900x600x950 525 5 / 6 to 7
B50 50 5.6 (7.5) 1100x750x1050 700 5 / 10 to 12
* The machine Power in terms of Bar size is wrt Steel Grade 415 metric (ASTM 60), For higher Steel Grade, the machine power is de-rated proportionately.
** Production capacity is evaluated considering common requirements and machine speed.
Reinforcing Steel Bars is commonly known as Torr Steel, Deformed steel, TMT bars, Rebars, Construction Steel.
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